"We must achieve the character and acquire the skills to live much poorer than we do. We must waste less. We must do more for ourselves and for each other. It is either that or continue merely to think and talk about changes that we are inviting catastrophe to make. The great obstacle is simply this: the conviction that we cannot change because we are dependant on what is wrong. But that is the addict's excuse, and we know that it will not do."
—Wendell Berry

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Well it had to happen sooner or later

I was woken by the child bride this morning with the news that there was a very large python in the chooks shed. Not the way I like to be woken at the best of times.
Upon inspection, without even so much as a fortifying coffee, I did indeed find a rather large scrub python curled up and sleeping off a big feed of one of the chooks. This is something I find quite irritating.
 Note the bulge halfway down? That is one of our prime laying hens! Not happy.
So we gathered up a large sack, some baling twine to tie it shut and the camera. I then hauled the now quite indignant python out of the chook shed and we bagged him up before a long trip down the road. All up he was a little over four metres long. Not quite as big as the last one I saw hereabouts but certainly large enough to be a nuisance.
I released him in a large stand of rainforest about twenty kilometres away where I hope he will settle in and not try to get home.