"We must achieve the character and acquire the skills to live much poorer than we do. We must waste less. We must do more for ourselves and for each other. It is either that or continue merely to think and talk about changes that we are inviting catastrophe to make. The great obstacle is simply this: the conviction that we cannot change because we are dependant on what is wrong. But that is the addict's excuse, and we know that it will not do."
—Wendell Berry

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Puppy in training, stand clear.

Rufus met chickens for the first time today. All part of the training for any farm dog.
A quick chase followed by a smack on the bum. Lesson learned and all good now. He did try to chase Gobbles in the background but it takes more than one small puppy to impress that turkey. Guineafowl come in flocks and don't take kindly to belligerent puppies. He has decided that guineafowl are therefore scary!
Still undecided about the cows.

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